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Why People Give on Giving Tuesday

People give to nonprofit organizations for a number of reasons. With Giving Tuesday around the corner, you want to learn the reasons why your donors and funders give. You’ve got a whole day set aside for nonprofits—to receive donations from people who want to see you making a difference in your community.  This is what Giving Tuesday is all about. I have worked on many Giving Tuesday campaigns, and learned why people give on Giving Tuesday. Some of the reasons are:

Effective Campaigns and Call to Actions

People give to nonprofit organizations that have effective Giving Tuesday campaigns. Let me explain what I mean by this. If you haven’t thought about Giving Tuesday until it actually arrives, then donors, potential funders, and everyone who sees you on social media knows that you’ve made a last ditch effort. You need a few weeks to create an effective campaign.

But if you have a plan—like a Giving Tuesday Game Plan—and take the right steps to make the event successful, you will yield better results. I know that as a nonprofit leader, you’re busy; you wear many hats, and have a lot of things to do. So when you have an effective campaign, it helps you save time in the long run.

Giving Tuesday is the Pre-Game to End of Year Giving Campaigns

As a nonprofit, you can use Giving Tuesday as a lead-in towards your end-of-the-year giving campaign.  If the only thing your Giving Tuesday campaign contributed was the addition of email addresses to your newsletter distribution list, you’re still winning because that’s more people exposed to your organization.

There are so many variables with Giving Tuesday, and you might have many questions. For instance, you might wonder if your donors would respond to your campaign. You might even wonder how much time this campaign would take from the other 50 things that you’re doing as a nonprofit leader. One of the best things that people may not realize is that all of your Giving Tuesday social media content, will be seen by your potential funders and donors for weeks to come.

Create your Campaign in 10 steps using a 30-minute tutorial

You might not believe me on this last one but I promise you it’s true. Once you do the 10 steps in your Giving Tuesday Game Plan, it’s so easy year after year to repeat the same process to get winning results on a Giving Tuesday. There’s some initial work to be done on the front end, so give yourself a few weeks to complete the steps. By the time Giving Tuesday arrives, you’re ready to go. In the plan, you will learn a simple way you can use Facebook to spread the news about your Giving Tuesday campaign with just a few clicks.


The Giving Tuesday Game Plan will help prepare you for the big day on November 27. The plan includes 10 steps to implement into your online campaign.  You will receive a video that will lay out your plan step-by-step, in just 30 minutes. If you want to get ahead on your Giving Tuesday, start by clicking here.

After you get your Giving Tuesday Game Plan, type in the hashtag #ChooseTueGive on either Facebook or on Instagram. You’ll get more tips on why people give to organizations.

–To your success!


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